Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization

Markets are changing. Are you keeping up?

Decrease transportation costs

Identify inefficient last-mile operations and prescribe new actions based on optimal market structure

Reduce unprofitable markets

Recognize unprofitable contracts and renegotiate them using network and market intelligence

Explore opportunities

Find trends in contracting and amplify your most profitable deals by exploring surrounding opportunities

Achieve a 5-10% improvement in net margins across your value chain using our next-generation optimization platform.

Rail fleet management

One customer was interested in determining the optimal cycle time for rail fleets and trucking to reduce loading and delivery delays. Analyze and optimize for: transit, hold, return, and dwell times.

Reduce overall transit times by 5-8%.

Stay nimble by responding to seasonal changes

Respond quickly to changing weather patterns and get access to better weather forecasts in the markets you operate.

Move from lagging to leading indicators

Get better predictions of market and commodities forecasts, and respond proactively to changes.

When markets enter backwardation, immediately identify the most profitable delivery strategy.

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