State-of-the-art time series forecasts are just a click away

Stop paying data scientists to solve easy forecasting problems

Stop paying industry consultants for basic reports

Start getting results, immediately

Stop toiling

Organizations pay data scientists to spend days and weeks fine-tuning and testing various time-series modelling. How much does that cost you?

Easily import real-time data sources

Stop wasting time cleaning and scraping data sources, and instead instantly import our datasets to find correlations

Automatically deploy to production

In a single click, deploy our micro-service via HTTPS and integrate across SAP, Salesforce, and any other BI tools.

Rapidly accelerate your feedback loop.

  • Free your business analysts to build their own tools
  • Thousands of cleansed data sources that you don't need to maintain yourself
  • APIs that connect securely to all your source systems.
  • ARIMA, SARIMAX, FB-PROPHET (available now), and deep learning models coming soon!

How pricing works

Pricing is simple. You pay a fee for how often you call and run your forecast (your API calls) and any premium datasets you use in your forecast.

Enterprise? Schedule time with a product specialist to learn more.

Price = Utilization + Data

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